ZitaSoft was formed in Aug 2017 by Mr. Dhananjay Vaidya – Founder & Director of ZitaSoft. The initial idea to start zitasoft was to provide digital marketing & website development solutions to our customers, but over a period of time. We have evolved in various sectors where information technology can be implemented. Afterall, zitasoft is an IT Tech company. Web technology is a relatively new industry, most of the people have no idea what are the possibilities of web technologies, how it can transform your life & business to the next level.

Earlier we were using standalone softwares, these days those softwares have been replaced with highly sophisticated & smart cloud apps. These cloud apps have truly revolutionized the industry. Just imagine with cloud apps you are not locked up with one single standalone device. Which might get crashed, stolen or damaged. In cloud apps you are not just depended upon the single workstations, you can access any information on one of your powerful tools which everyone has in there hand these days i.e. Smartphone.

Along with this security is a major concern, as data is secured on cloud servers, but still we have to protect the data from data pirates, hackers & other peoples. Therefore, we take security issues very seriously. And always involved in developing new security systems.

We are involved in software as service products & platform as service solutions. Our saas & paas solutions are very diverse.

Our Vision

To become the best & highly reputed digital agency in the country.

Our Mission

To Provide Best Quality Digital Services to Our Customers, with Latest Technologies.

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